Summer Staff

Make your summer count!


Interested in serving at Red Cliff Bible Camp for Summer 2020?

  • Staff training begins on Monday, June 8, 2020.
  • Summer staff contracts end on Saturday, August 1, 2020.


  • Counselors (male and female)
    • key in confronting campers with their personal relationship to Jesus Christ
    • responsible for up to 9 campers each week, Monday afternoon through Saturday morning
  • LITE Counselors
    • responsible for LITE campers (3 weeks)
    • supervise and work with LITE campers on dishes, dining room, and bathrooms
    • help with counseling or support staff while LITE campers are not present
  • SALT Counselors (high school staff)
    • serve as support staff in dishes, dining room, and bathrooms
    • assist counselors with camper responsibilities
  • SALT Counselor Supervisors
    • Oversee and participate in SALT counselors’ work.
    • Lead SALT meetings
  • Program Team
    • assist the program director with planning and executing all aspects of the camp program
  • Kitchen Assistants
    • assist with every facet of the kitchen, including cooking, inventory, laundry, and clean-up
  • Maintenance/Grounds Personnel
    • assist the maintenance director, working on maintenance and grounds projects
  • Hospitality Personnel
    • assist the hospitality supervisor in cleaning projects and camp laundry
  • A/V Assistant
  • LITE campers (high school)
    • serve in areas of dishes, dining room, and bathrooms

Hiring Procedure

  • Download the application.
  • Complete and return to
  • We will contact your references and potentially offer you a contract.
  • Sign and  return a summer staff contract.

Apply Here

Staff Preparation Checklist:


Sleeping bag (a good warm one)

Pillow (extra pillow case)

Toilet kit

Towels (two)

Alarm clock (your cell phone will not get service)

Day pack (small back pack)

Stamps for correspondence

Sunscreen/Chap stick


Spending Money

Flashlight (it gets dark)



Bug Spray

Ministry Tools



Devotional ideas

Rainy day cabin activities

Funny stories

Special music


Warm jacket

Rain jacket

Shoes for hiking/recreation/dress

Flipflops (shower shoes)

Socks (lots of them)

Jeans (that you can get dirty)

Shorts (must be knee length)

Work gloves

Sunday Dress

Guys: Dress shirt, Tie, Slacks, Socks, Shoes.

Girls: Modest, knee-length dress, skirts and tops, shoes, sandals, (not flipflops)

Evening Service at Red Cliff

Guys: Slacks or clean jeans, Collared shirt.

Girls: Modest, knee-length dresses, skirts (denim is acceptable) and tops.